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About Gregg


Gregg Lorberbaum is a management consultant to Real Estate Brokerage firms, an advisor to partnerships and startups, and a coach to people in transition.

Gregg is also a two time author. Most recently of Becoming Who You Want To Be and prior to that LeasingNYC, which won the prestigious Robert Bruss Real Estate Book silver medal in 2013 and was described by Lois Weiss of the New York Post as “the definitive guide on the subject disguised as a coffee table book”

Gregg is also a general partner in WorkHouseNYC , a co-working company occupying 15 floors at 21 W 46th street with a satellite location at 2 Depot Plaza adjacent to the Bedford hills train station.


Centric Real Estate Advisors

Prior to WorkHouse Gregg owned and operated Centric Real Estate Advisors, a boutique brokerage offering a project management approach to office leasing in NYC. The company flourished due to noteworthy loyalty from his long term clients and in 2015, Gregg won the award from SL Green, the city’s largest landlord, as Manhattan’s Most Tenacious Broker for his representation of Fir Tree Parters at Tower 46. During this time Gregg also started coaching brokerage firms and provided coaching to people in transition.

The Staubach Company

Before founding Centric Gregg was one of 3 founding principles of the Staubach Company’s New York Office and held a seat on the national leadership counsel. He also ran the Consulting Dept and served as the Director of Leasing managing the firms sales force, while continuing to work as an active broker in his own right representing blue chip corporations and financial service firms. Gregg was a finalist for the industry’s most prestigious award; The Most Ingenious Deal Of The Year,  for his work on Behalf of Morgan Stanley immediately following 9/11.

Early Career

Prior to joining Staubach, Gregg worked at Peter R Friedman ltd, a boutique brokerage firm where he won Salesman of The Year and was the Director of Leasing in addition to being an office leasing broker.

Prior to that Gregg was a bio medical sales rep with American Hospital Corporation where he was ranked in the top 2% nationally


Tulane University B.A. – Cum Laude, with an Honor Scholar Degree in Communications. Gregg also attended Semester-At-Sea World Travel Program; an experiential comparative study of social, political and economic conditions around the world. Gregg attended Harvard University Extension Studies (Summer Program). 


Gregg lives in Armonk, NY with his wife Jill and is the father of three adult children.


Gregg accepting the award for Manhattan’s Most Tenacious Broker from SL Green in 2015



Becoming Who You Want To Be


Adversity can be a blessing.

That’s a lesson that Gregg Lorberbaum learned early in life when he was diagnosed with a learning disability. He overcame it by developing skills of self-reflection, communication, and relationship building. These tools helped him become one of New York City’s most accomplished commercial real estate brokers, working for the firm formed by football legend Roger Staubach. Along the way, Lorberbaum realized those skills also work for finding love, raising children, sustaining a great marriage, and stiff-arming the tacklers of life.

When Lorberbaum became a consultant and coach, he began sharing his unique approaches and concepts that will work to help you become who you want to be. These include—
• Living a role-based lifestyle,
• Paying it forward to our future selves through acts of kindness,
• Doing the things we say we will, and
• Learning from our past behaviors by keeping track of our actions.
Lorberbaum’s tool kit is easy to use, and one of the most important tools is simply taking a few minutes each day to record a thought or action. If we can look back on our actions, we can and will make better decisions going forward.

Because he’s kept daily journals accounting for nearly thirty-five years of his life, Lorberbaum is able to take us on a lively journey back in time—from the corporate suites of Manhattan to the backwoods of the Deep South—that includes his victories, heartaches, set-backs, and casual encounters that resulted in profound ideas.

Screen Shot 2019-03-06 at 10.37.35 AM.png

Screen Shot 2019-03-06 at 10.54.36 AM.png

The book’s design allows readers to take in the lessons of Becoming Who You Want to Be while enjoying original art by ELO, an up-and-coming NYC artist, who recently had his second solo show. Anyone who has faced angst over work, love, or simply being alive will be charmed and changed by turning the pages of this wise, funny, and humble book.


Leasing NYC


New York City is an iconic metropolis that exudes modern energy and storied classicism. The most recognizable names in business call the city home. Every day, thousands of businesses evolve, rise, and compete in a global market, and they need office space that matches their ambitions. When a firm is ready to put its mark on New York City, that's when Leasing NYC is a must-read.


Demystifying the Office Leasing Process

YOUR OFFICE LEASE IS EXPIRING in the next two years and the clock is ticking. Moving will be very costly, but your current space isn’t quite working. The decisions you make in the coming months will have a lasting impact on your image, your employees, your efficiency, your growth prospects, and your bottom line.

NOW WHAT?  Leasing NYC is the perfect handbook to have by your side. Part compass, part trail guide, it will show you how to find your way to the right space for your company.

Real Tools Execute Real Success

In-depth project planning, budgeting, and execution advice, including comparative financial analysis, sample project budgets and schedules, in addition to money saving insider tips.

Learn how teams outperform individuals. Know who to involve in the process and what necessary role they fill.



Make Better, More Informed Decisions

An introduction to the author’s own inverse selection methodology.  Learn how to find the right candidate properties and make sound decisions based on finding the right fit, not on emotions or desperation.

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